Abstract guidelines

We welcome submission of individual abstracts for your scientific papers on the topics listed in the Call for Abstracts. Abstracts shall contain a clear outline of theoretical framework, the theme or the work in discussion. The text of the abstracts should be submitted in English ONLY, in a separate Word document in the following format: max. 350 words, 1.5 line spaced Times New Roman 12-point font (except for title which should be 14-point font), A4 size page formatting. The panels should not exceed six people and six different abstracts and should be prepared by each member of that specific panel. Submission of the abstracts shall be done directly by attaching it to the Online Application Form. The template for the abstract can be downloaded here: abstract template

Online application

Your official application for the International Student Congress shall be submitted through the Online Application Form which can be found on our webpage: à How to Apply à Application Form. All boxes of the Application Form are compulsory, in case the application is done individually; meaning if there is one author applying for the Student Congress. In case two authors apply with one Abstract, there is additional space in the Application Form in which information for the second author is required. The Application form consists of four separate sections including: Personal Information, Academic Information, Passport Information and Attachments (Abstract and Portrait Photograph(s) of the Applicant(s)).

In order for your application to be valid as well as accepted we urge you to fill all the required blank spaces in the application form. Due to misunderstandings in the past years, this year you would not be able to send the application WITHOUT posting the abstract for your paper at the assigned proper place in the application form. This means that when we receive your application, we simultaneously receive the abstract for your paper and we gradually send it for approval. This would make the whole process easier and more effective and we would concentrate more on making your experience more enjoyable.

We would like again to urge you to give all the information that we require and to thank you for taking the time to apply.


  • Bachelor Level
  • Master Level
  • PhD Level

We welcome submission of abstracts from students from all around the world including students from all levels of their studies related to the fields of economics, communications, psychology, political science, engineering, art and design, law, and education.