About Ohrid

After the capital city Skopje, Ohrid is another well-known city in the Republic of Macedonia.

Ohrid is famous for having had 365 churches, one for each day of the year. Its cobbled streets are flanked by traditional restaurants and lakeside cafes.  Ohrid’s many café bars and nightclubs also make for a vibrant nightlife.

Lake Ohrid is one of Europe’s deepest and according to most experts the oldest lake in Europe. As for the lake itself, it is so large and so deep that one might mistake it for a small sea. The uniqueness of Lake Ohrid and the city’s historical architecture has been attested by UNESCO, honoring it with an official designation as one of the few places on the cultural institution’s list “World Inheritance”.

The city center and the old town is compact and best seen on foot. An interesting walk that takes in the main attractions starts in the main square.

When standing in front of their monuments, the remains of the civilization of old, and the temples where you forget your identity, the only thing your intellect allows you is respect and contemplation, thinking of the things that are yet to be discovered and explored. In other words, there are several places in this world which simply cannot be easily put into words and Ohrid is one of them.