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Legal, Political, Economic, Social, Psychological, Educational, Artistic and Engineering Aspects

50 Leaders of Tomorrow at the Congress in Skopje

5-6 October 2017, Skopje, Macedonia


Having behind us three greatly successful student congresses from the last three years in a row, as International Balkan University, we are delighted to announce that this year, the 4th international student congress will be held in Skopje, Macedonia. We are even more honored that this year the student congress will be joined by all faculties and departments from International Balkan University!

The purpose of the congress is to gather 50 international and a number of domestic students that are going to present and discuss the contemporary issues of today and share their researches and knowledge related to a variety of topics offered by our faculties.

We are kindly inviting you from all around the world to send us your research papers of the following topics:

Economics, Management and Business:

  • Corporate social responsibility as necessity in the contemporary world
  • Modern management trends in the 21st century
  • Globalization, power relations, and economic policy
  • International trade in the context of the current economic climate
  • Public finance and fiscal decentralization
  • Contemporary challenges for sustainable economic growth

Psychology, Political Sciences and Social Sciences:

  • Psychological aspect of change in 21 century
  • Political aspect of change in 21 century
  • Sociological aspect of change in 21 century
  • Education paradigm in 21 century


  • Media as weapon in the contemporary world
  • Traditional media vs. social media
  • Social media and its role in the creation of public opinion
  • (In)dependence of media
  • PR practices in the contemporary world


  • Energy, biotechnology, planning and environment
  • Healthcare, bioinformatics and wireless sensors
  • Architecture engineering and geo-technical engineering
  • Controllers, mechatronics and robotics
  • Software, smart systems and artificial intelligence

Art and Design:

  • Social and political agendas in art
  • Art in the world of new media and technology
  • Multidisciplinary methodology in art and design
  • Internet, digital art and virtual exhibiting
  • Necessity of theory in art and design

Legal Studies:

  • Crisis of the democratic participation
  • Sovereignty under question mark
  • Regional cooperation and overcoming of the national borders
  • Possibilities for development of European Private Law
  • Refugees and human rights, an International Law perspective


  • English Language Teaching (ELT) and Turkish Language Teaching (TLT) methodology and innovations in teaching
  • Technology and ELT and TLT
  • Cultural and intercultural issues in ELT and TLT
  • The value of self-reflection in ELT and TLT
  • New trends, new names in American and British literature
  • New trends, new names in Turkish literature


P.S.: There is NO Registration Fee! Participants will only have to pay their travel expenses. All other expenses will be provided by Congress Sponsors! 



IBUISC’17 Organizational Committee

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