It all started in September 2014 originating from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences from International Balkan University under the topic “Global Business, Emerging Markets, and International Economic Relations; Old Concerns and Fresh Hopes?” where 50 students from different cultures and backgrounds came together and made an effort to contribute with their knowledge on debating contemporary issues in the field of economics.

Following the success of the first International Student Congress, the second edition proved to be as fruitful as the first, giving the opportunity to another 50 students to experience the same sharing and debating of ideas related to entrepreneurship, namely “Spirit of Entrepreneurship, Driving Wheel of the Present-day Society”

After having two successful conferences organized by the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences behind us, in 2016 the conference was joined by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences as well as the Faculty of Communications which proved that the scope of the congress could be broadened and altered to an extended group of people with different educational profiles. The congress topic entitled “Contemporary Leadership: Challenges and Opportunities” was the foundation of extension and cooperation among faculties of International Balkan University which interconnected all fields under one idea.

Given the fact that globalization covers a huge portion of contemporary debates, last year the title “The Creation of the New World in a Globalized Era” served as an umbrella to all the departments that are offered by our University. A development was made which insured that students from all fields of study can join the congress, which meant that we gave an opportunity to the students to choose their preferred area of discussion.  We are pleased to say that because of that decision, last year we received an enormous amount of applications and we are planning on continuing that streak.

This year’s congress topic “Investing in Youth for a Sustainable Future” was chosen because of last year’s reasons.  We chose this topic because of its variety and the opportunity it presents to the students to choose their preferred research area.